We at NEOPIXEL TOKYO have a love for all things gaming, tech and nightlife and we’re based out of Tokyo, Japan.

As a more personal site, we’ll generally cover games and tech we have our hands on or things we’re looking forward to as well as some Tokyo-based content for you to enjoy.

Our Contributors:


Hi, I’m NEOPIXEL and the proprietor of this site. All-round gaming, clubbing and tech enthusiast based in Tokyo, Japan. Earliest gaming memories date back to Mario on the NES and DOOM on the PC and grew to appreciate the evolution of it all from our polygons, PBR to VR. Having been immersed in the development of it all growing up as you have been as well, I hope we’ll have some interesting approaches to looking at games!


I go by the name Shitkicker and I’ve been a gamer in Japan for my whole life. I lead a Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde life where I spend my free time getting totally immersed in old and new games, or going out and meeting the fellow inhabitants of this lively metropolis. My hobbies also include consuming copious amounts of booze-ahol, staring at the sun, and stealing candy from babies.

Hope you enjoy the content and if you’d ever like to contribute or have feedback, contact us we’d like to hear from you!

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