Stealth Games in VR: Where are they?

Since my first foray into VR gaming, I’ve always wanted a solid stealth VR experience, akin to Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell in VR.

The VR gaming space right now is flooded with wave shooters and although not bad implementations of VR gaming experiences, it doesn’t lend itself to tactical decision making and immersive experiences that stealth games can provide. My love for the stealth gaming genre in general is a completely different article in it’s own right.

With that, there are two stealth games in development right now for VR, and they look mighty fun!


First off, we have Budget Cuts from Neat Corporation which is interesting as it’s their first title! Release date is yet to be set, but it’s a cool teleportation locomotion based stealth game where you make your way through dangerous robots with only your teleportation tool and throwing knives.

If you have a VIVE or a Rift already, you can check out the demo here! It’s quite fun in it’s demo stages already and although it does require a solid 360 degree setup for your VR headset, it adds so much to the immersion in the game. Peeking around corners, making that solid knife throw from the shadows, this game makes you feel like a ninja in a Terminator world.


Next up, is ESPIRE 1 from Michael Wentworth-Bell, a digital artist gone dev with an awesome stealth VR game concept! Imagine Splinter Cell in VR and it’s pretty darn close to what he’s developing thus far.

At the current stages, ESPIRE VR has climbing, walking locomotion, melee, distractions via noises and sounds from bumping into objects or even intentionally creating sounds with you equipment and the environment!

Check out the dev diary below, it shows some solid mechanics in place for the game to come!

Although it is regrettable that the stealth genre in VR is not getting much love yet, I’m pretty excited for these two titles as I’m a sucker for any game with solid stealth mechanics!

As soon as we get more information on these titles, we’ll keep you updated! Wait… where the hell is Ubisoft with another Splinter Cell game?


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