PAYDAY 2 VR: Potentially the Most Fully Featured VR Game of 2017

Overkill Software, the developers behind the PAYDAY series, are bringing a patch to PAYDAY 2 for VR compatibility!

From the teaser trailer released last week, seems like they are aiming for full compatibility with VIVE and Rift’s Touch controllers. Check out the new VR HUD!


Interestingly, in the trailer, you get to see a player healing a downed teammate with one hand and using the other hand for cover with a handgun, full-on dual handed guns and enabling shooting around cover in VR!

2017-05-16 (2).png

Very cool stuff considering that was something you couldn’t really do before which gives the impression that this is more than just a simple VR patch but an overhaul to fit VR and motion controllers properly.

In addition, it will allow cross-play between VR and non-VR players, which is a nifty solution to issues that plague matchmaking in many VR games.

2017-05-16 (1)

The VR patch will be free for all Payday 2 owners a on PC, and it seems they will have an Ultimate Edition, set to release with all their DLCs included on June 8th, this year for $44.99. The VR patch may very well come out at the same time, if not too long after in beta as they are hinting at a summer beta release for VR as well. If so, this will be undoubtedly the most fully featured game for VR yet!

We’re gonna keep our eyes on this, looking forward to getting our hands on the beta! In the meantime, check the teaser below!

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