The Boosted Board Killer!

So after riding the E-Go2 for quite some time, I’ve been itching to upgrade to a more powerful electric skateboard. With the large number of inclines from the hilly landscape of central Tokyo, it’s a bit cumbersome with only a single 400 watt motor powering the board.

After taking a look around and checking out the usual suspects such as ACTON’s BLINK series, or the Boosted Boards, I came across a more niche website offering from the guys over at Oringially being a small, niche provider of electric skateboard parts and kits since 2003 in San Francisco, CA, they’ve built up a reputation in the DIY segment of the market for their motors and electric kits.

What’s notable about their offering is that they have recently released their complete boards, and they blow the competition out of the water. Here are some specs for their flagship board selling now for $1,299 which is just as much for a Dual 2nd Gen Boosted Board.


TORQUE Rocket FreeFlow


  • Top Speed – 25-30+ mph (48kph)
  • Power – 37v with Dual Direct Drive Hub Motors. (1800 watts *2)
  • Battery Range – Up to 10-25+ miles.
  • Board Weight – 17-20 lbs
  • Max Rider Capacity – Tested up to 250 lbs.
  • Braking System – Electric Regenerative Braking
  • Throttle Control – Precise Trigger Control
  • Connectivity – Reliable 2.4ghz Frequency Band
  • Wheels – 83mm or 90mm wheels.
  • Charge Time – 2-3 hours.
  • Batteries – 3 Options (10S3P, 12S3P, 10S4P)
  • Deck Material – Carbon Fiber
  • Deck Flex – Stiff
  • Deck Dimensions – 33.25″ x 9.5″


It’s a full carbon fiber deck with the standard regenerative breaking, but with 1800 watt motors! Two of them! What’s sweet is that they do offer multiple tiers of complete boards and are modular in that you can always upgrade to dual motors if you go with a lower tier model and feature swappable battery packs as well.

If you were thinking of getting a high end board, this might be one to seriously consider. If you want to check out their boards, click here.

Now, if I could just get these with tires for the rough Tokyo roads…

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