Eagerly Awaiting to Become a Star Citizen

I love space sims. My first foray into the genre was Tie Fighter and Decent, which weren’t space sims in their own right, but were enough to leave a lasting impression of the wonders of exploring and dog fighting in space.

Then came Escape Velocity by Ambrosia software. The game was a top down space sim that allowed you to explore, trade, bounty hunt, take jobs, you name it. It was deeply engrossing and in the sequel, Escape Velocity NOVA, there were great total conversion mods that allowed you to play in the Star Wars Universe. (It’s still being sold, if you have time, try giving it a go!)

Star Citizen is scratches my EV:NOVA itch. Ever since then, I’ve always been looking for the perfect Space Sim with the right amount of RPG elements, story, exploration and epic battles, with AAA quality. Space sim have always been a bit of a niche genre in gaming.

Right now, they stand at roughly 146 Million dollars raised since their Kickstarter which continued to source funding on their own website. With that, they’ve been very transparent with their development and for players to get content faster, they’ve adopted to develop portions of the game in modules.

So where are they now?
Below is information from the homepage regarding what is available for play now!

Currently Available Modules:

  • Arena Commander: An arcade-style dogfighting and racing mode that allows us to test our ships and physics-based flight model as players battle alongside and against their friends in multiple arenas and game.
  • Star Marine: A fast-paced battleground where players put our unique FPS gameplay through its paces, testing the seamless third and first person unified animations, zero-G combat, and a variety of high-tech weapons.
  • Area18: Originally designed as a test for planetside interactions, Area18 is an ultra-detailed cityscape for you and your friends to explore, go shopping, or just see the sights.
  • Hangar: Your own personal space to look at your ships up close, edit your loadouts, and see your special reward flair and decorations.
  • Persistent Universe: Commonly known as the PU, this mode combines all the other modes and allows players to explore a small section of one of our solar systems. Here you and your friends can do missions, engage in ship or FPS combat, or explore asteroid fields for long forgotten wrecks. This has all been built on our 64-bit game engine that provides seamless travel from inside a space station, to a spaceship so large that you and your friends can walk around inside while flying thousands of kilometers through space. All in real time. All without load screens. It’s here in the PU that you begin to see the real promise of Star Citizen.

Will they deliver?
Well so far, they have been, albeit slowly.
They’ve got a Wing Commander-like campaign in the works and a more populated and larger persistent universe as well. Check out the video below from BoredGamer on what to expect for the year!

Should I buy now?
It’s honestly up to what you expect now.
I jumped the gun during the Kickstarter as I felt they needed to succeed as I’ve been waiting for a game like this forever. On the flip-side, with 146 Mil, larger than a lot of AAA game dev budgets, you don’t really need to worry about them not having enough capital to develop the game. Instead, focus on what you want. If you’re ok with a match based space and FPS shooter, by all means, go ahead. But if you’re looking for a more classic space sim experience, wait until they hash out the persistent universe a bit more. If you do decide to make the jump, do us a solid and use the referral code below! We get goodies to cover and you get an  additional 5,000 UEC of in-game currency to use in game.

Code: STAR-29S5-MHXP

Once they’ve released the content, we’ll be sure to cover the game here so stay tuned!
Also, if you’re already playing, drop us your handle name in the comments below, we’d love to jump into the PU for some shenanigans!

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